While the project is pre-alpha, the docs may be outdated and might not fully reflect the current status of the codebase.


Applications provide core features and integrations

What is an application?

For each section of the stack, known as "applications," there are individual are top-level standalone components that may include packages.

As a general rule of thumb, applications should contain a packages directory that contains application specific packages and a starters directory that provides ready to be provision instances of that application.

Currently, the applications are as follows:


This application contains the content management and data storage functionality. It's built using a headless instance of Drupal.


This application contains all the presentation and drag and drop editing logic. It's build using TinaCMS and Gatsby.

Possible future applications

Our current intentions are to implement Meilisearch for a dynamic realtime search experience across the Presentation Layer and Experience Layer.


Drupal has robust media management capabilities out-of-the-box. The plan is to incorporate this functionality with a React library such as Toast UI Image Editor on the Experience Layer and use the automatic image optimization capabilities of Gatsby on the Presentation Layer.