While the project is pre-alpha, the docs may be outdated and might not fully reflect the current status of the codebase.

Getting Started

Getting started with Power Stack's 1-step setup.

Install Power Stack

To get started with Power Stack, run the following command:

fin project create --name=power-stack --repo=https://github.com/powerstackdev/power-stack.git

Once that is setup, you will see something along the lines of the following in your terminal screen.


This setup is utilises Docksal for creating and interacting with the necessary docker container so you will have configured.

If you haven't setup Docksal yet you can do so by following the instructions on the Docksal website.

System requirements

In theory, this setup should support all Docksal supported environments, we simply haven't tested them all yet.

Currently, we've tested using:

Docksal version: v1.17.0
MacOS Monterey (12.3)
2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

If you run into an issue on a different OS/configuration please raise an issue and we'll happily look into it.