While the project is pre-alpha, the docs may be outdated and might not fully reflect the current status of the codebase.

Configuration Variables

Where to find the two types of configuration variables and how they interact with Power Stack.

Docksal config files

Docksal comes with two configuration files docksal.env and docksal-local.env.

The base docksal.env

This file ships with all instances of Power Stack.

# Where the backend docroot is located. Docksal defaults to "docroot"
# MySQL settings.
# MySQL will be exposed on a random port. By default. This sets it to 3306
# Disable debugging by default
# Define which starters to use

Overriding with docksal-local.env

Any Docksal environment variables can be overridden by including theme in the docksal-local.env file.

Power Stack config files