While the project is pre-alpha, the docs may be outdated and might not fully reflect the current status of the codebase.


Components provide a cluster of fields and field groups from Drupal to be edited in the React environment. In Drupal, we are using the Paragraphs module to provide the following information (grouped using "field groups") to instruct the React TinaCMS environment on what fields to use when building out the editorial experience.

Inline Entity Reference Revisions (Paragraphs)

Tina will look for Inline Entity Reference Revisions (Paragraphs) fields to initialise the Page building experience when creating or editing a new instance of a content type.

Inline fields

This is the information that should be edited inline in the WYSIWYG page builder.

Form fields

Fields relevant to creating a component that shouldn't live within the Inline experience that will show via a settings modal.

Styling options

A group within the Tina settings modal for all styling specific fields.

Page fields

All page specific fields that aren't to be added to the inline experience will appear in the sidebar form.